Monday, August 6, 2012

Crafternoon inspiration: Modern Parents Messy Kids

Todays exciting find is one I wish I could use in the car too. Problem is, I'm only ever in the car behind the wheel! So there will be no car craft for me, but I think I might have to make some for the cute munchkins in my life. This idea certainly appeals to my inner child, who gives this idea a big thumbs up!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Junior Crafternoon with painted pots

With the wintery weather dampening any plans for outdoor activities, we decided to paint some pots. We'll be ready for a sunny day, when we can plant something pretty and maybe even find a worm or two.

What we did:

1) Gather acrylic, kid friendly paints and brushes. Lay down some newspaper to protect the table.

2) Stick masking tape on your pot in any pattern you desire.  
L was pretty relaxed about his taping, I had more of a geometric look happening, rather triangular.

3) Brush paint on as you please.  
I kept my colours in blocks, L went for a more freeform approach.

4) Maybe even mix some colours!   
We learned that blue and red make purple, and blue and yellow make green! Blue is a helpful colour! 

5) Wait for the paint to dry.  
Our paint was taking too long, so we used a hair dryer to help speed up the process.

6) Locate the end of your tape, and carefully pull it away from the pot.
Little fingers might need some assistance to find the ends!

7) Admire your pot and ponder what you might like to plant in it.

Terracotta pots are a pretty inexpensive crafting supply. A small pot is only a couple of dollars, and the saucer a little bit more. So this craft could be a great gift to work on as well!
Another option with this pot is to finish the paint with a varnish. We haven't this time, and we'll see how the paints go! I think varnishing just over the paint to the terracotta would be nice, so as to leave that raw feel. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Printable: I love you this much!

Download the I love you this much printable here
See inspiration for this printable, the I love you this much project here

I love you this much!

For Mother's Day this year I wanted to come up with a Crafternoon gift that suited L (five) and his current focus times and interests. I had a few requirements. I needed something that worked in duplicate (one crafted gift for mum and one for gran), and I needed something that had reasonably fast and varied stages, to hold L's attention. I also wanted to make sure that it conveyed something relevant to him. L displays more interest and focus when he is aware of the plan for the afternoon, and the sequencing of the craft, so this time I thought I'd show him a rough visual while talking the task through.
Supplies Needed: 

Small gift box 
(We used a CD sized box from the local craft store.) 

Coloured Felt 
(one sheet should do for smaller hands.)

around 2 metres

Scissors, craft glue and a marker.

Supplies to decorate the box (paper, stickers, paints, glitter glue, etc.) 
A little slip of paper or gift tag to write a note on.


Trace around juniors hands. 
Cut out hands, or have junior do so, if they are able to use sharp scissors. 
Measure child with ribbon. Try arm span and height, and work out together which one is bigger. 
Cut ribbon to this length. Apply glue to each end, and adhere a hand on each. 

Decorate box and create a gift tag that says 'I love you this much'. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crafternoon artist inspiration: Dawn Tan

One of my favourite Melbourne artists, Dawn Tan, is making brilliant strides in the awesomeness that is art play.

When Dawn is not painting beautiful watercolours and crafting cuteness, she runs art classes for children and adults. Her children’s classes are something to behold! Follow Dawn’s blog, and you’ll see the results of many of her children’s party activities, private art classes, and other crafternoon goodness!

I myself plan on attending one of Dawn’s art classes, as her work is inspiring, and I have a feeling she is quite lovely too!

Book in for a class here
Dawn’s  {blog}  {website}  {shop}

Friday, April 20, 2012

Want to collaborate?

(I can help you with your Junior Crafternoon!) 
Got an idea for a junior craft or play printable but not able to get it done? I might be able to help!
Share with me your idea, and if it is possible, I'll create a kit, template, downloadable pdf, anything that will help you with your own Junior Crafternoon experience. If you want rights to these items, we can discuss a donation for my time.

Media, Marketing, PR, book publishers, supply and kit review opportunities. 
This little blog is still only small. However, like the small people who inspire us, we are on a path of learning and development too. Gifts of crafting material, resources and kits are most welcome.
All reviews given will be an honest response to the supplies quality.

For collaboration or marketing communications, please email shimmerandglow AT hotmail DOT com 

About Junior Crafternoon

Crafternoon is a term coined to describe a particular time to get together and partake in the joys of arts and crafts. The best kind of crafternoon is had with sweet treats!

It’s no secret that I love arts and crafts.

I believe that creative play and discovery has the power to educate, comfort and shape our minds, no matter our age. As this is so, I have decided to document my adventures in junior crafternooning, as well as the efforts of others. If I get really organised, I might even manage templates and downloads, if you are lucky! Hopefully I can provide you with references and ideas for your very own junior crafternoon!

I love to see children embracing art the way only they can, with an innocence that is needed with which to have self belief. I aim on encouraging that belief!

Want to contribute? Contact me and we can chat!

My other arts and crafts and things:

A little note on attribution.

I will endeavor, wherever possible, to note the {artist/designer/teacher/parent/carer} I am referencing. If you see anything that you can assist with regarding attribution, or wish to discuss your own work being cited, please contact me.

Some of the ideas shared on Junior Crafternoon are longstanding childrens activities that I do not attribute as an original idea. However, all printables created by Junior Crafternoon remain the copyright of Junior Crafternoon.

If you wish to link to my work I would be greatly flattered, but please remember to link back to Junior Crafternoon or Shimmer & Glow.


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